Dog Rescue & Charities

We all understand the qualities that dog ownership brings to a happy life. Henri has blessed us with the unconditional love and loyalty which makes our lives more enjoyable and thoughtful. This has opened our hearts to those animals less fortunate worldwide.

In Greece there is a significant abandoned dog problem and we are doing our small part to help and care for those dogs homeless and often in poor health, surviving a brutal existence on the streets. Since 1994 ASCA (Achaic Society for the Care of Animals) has been actively rescuing and fostering up to 35 dogs at any one time, caring for and providing them with medical assistance with a view to re-homing them. We are very proud to provide ongoing financial support to this worthy cause, supporting Anastasia and her organisation who we believe are doing a brilliant job!

We were very pleased to learn that Harriet Sinfield-Day, the founder of the Dog Trouser Company in the UK, is also involved with a similar dog rescue Charity in Romania. Click here to read more about '1dogattime'.

In the spirit of this compassion we plan to partner the Australian Dog Rescue community to provide a better life for abandoned pets here at home. When you purchase our Dog Trousers, proceeds of the sale will be donated to a local rescue Charity. We invite you to visit our Instagram and Facebook pages to see which organisations we are supporting.

Mary & Henri