No need to waste time toweling and washing off your four-legged friend after every adventure! The Dog Trouser Company has designed a product to make walking dogs an easier and more pleasant experience. With their unique design, the Dog Trousers cleverly only cover what needs covering. They are very comfortable ensuring maximum movement, so your dog can sit, run, jump, play, paddle and toilet, without the hard work at the end.

Frustrated with cleaning your dog after every walk? Our Dog Trousers can protect your pet's coat from water, urban grime, dirt, sand, burrs and those nasty grass-seeds. Can be used in the wet, dry, beach and at the snow.

Sling Guard is a fabulous Australian designed premium quality product not just for your Dog but also designed to protect your car seats and trim. Cleverly reversible this triple layered construction features an inner padded and 100% waterproof layer between a Heavy-Duty Nylon Fabric and Dense Faux Fur. Sling Guard helps to keep your car interior clean and will protect your car from whatever your Dog brings in, be it – Mud, Sand, Water and their favourite slobbery ball or toy.